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Dr. Joel Feigenheimer has appeared on many interviews related to the restaurant, policy, workplace as an expert. He has attended many seminars as a speaker as well.


realEats Consulting

Developed Premier Restaurant Resource Site for Sustainable Vendors


NBC: Online Interview

Trump Failing to Track Foreign Cash at His Hotels


WalletHub: Interview

2019’s Best Places for Oktoberfest Celebrations



Volunteered to teach Caribbean business owners how to operate successful restaurants on St. Eustatius.

Nightclub and Bar Show Speaker: NCB Las Vegas, Nevada

Seminar speaker: How to manage in an ever-changing landscape.

In The Mix: Beverage Industry Magazine

Spotlight Retailer – Joel Feigenheimer


ProQuest Number: 10746371

Dissertation: “Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Genetically Modified Foods by Commercial Food Buyers.”

This ground-breaking study was the first of its kind to analyze the purchase intentions of multi-billion-dollar food buyers in America toward GMO products

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