Dr. Joel Feigenheimer has successfully served as an expert witness in liability, employee relations, landlord-tenant agreements, vendor disputes & many other hospitality-related issues. Hiring an Expert in any field requires identifying the right person with the proper education, training and experience to best help represent your case. Keeping all these things in mind Dr. Joel Feigenheimer has prepared the best services for you.

Services for You

Guest Safety

Dram Shop/Liquor Liability, Responsible Liquor, Service/Training, Safe Harbor Defense, Equipment Safety and Maintenance…

Employee Safety

Slip/Trip/Fall, Sexual Harassment, Workman’s Comp, Wage/benefit disputes, Standard Training…

Corporate Issue

Landlord/Tenant, Exclusivity Issues, Rent/CAM issues, Benefit of the Bargain, Leasing issues

Vendor Contract Issues

Pricing, Quality, Safety and Assessment on Contract Papers…

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