Guest Safety

Guest Safety Includes Dram Shop/Liquor Liability, Responsible Liquor Service/Training, Safe Harbor Defense and many more…

Dram Shop/Liquor Liability

Liability for accidents caused by customers who became intoxicated inside the establishment. Safe harbor is a provision of a statute or a regulation that specifies that certain conduct will be deemed not to violate a given rule

Responsible Liquor Service/Training

Responsible alcohol service is having policies and procedures in place that spell out the basic protocols of serving alcohol in food and beverage operations. This program is designed to train employees to offer better service to the guests by maintaining standards of care.

F. S. & E.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep equipment, machines, furniture and the work environment safe and reliable. Otherwise, it can lead to serious Accidents or health Problems.

Slip & Fall

Restaurant management must have to follow the legislative act to asses Slip/Trip/Fall hazards in the workplace.

Food Safety

Regular checking and maintenance of furniture for safety and clean environment for customers, employees.

Standards of Care

Restaurant management must have set restaurants standards of care which include, the consistency in food quality, quantity and taste, and the expected customer service.

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