A Real Expert Witness

Why this expert?

Dr. Feigenheimer brings over 30 years of direct experience in the hospitality field to this practice.  Experiences in entrepreneurial, educational and corporate settings set this expert apart from the others.  A PhD in business, lead restaurant management faculty at Florida International University and the founder of a flourishing restaurant consulting business all combine to bring an opinion based in industry standards and supported by years of education, experience and training.

Case history

As an expert restaurant witness, Dr. Feigenheimer has direct experience with cases ranging from Dram Shop/Liquor Liability to employee issues, slip and falls, unsafe work areas, landlord/tenant concerns, food safety, contract and vendor issues and more.

National Coverage for no extra fees

There is no charge for travel time...EVER!  We know fees can add up with intricate cases.  We will not charge for our travel time anywhere within the United States.

Expedited Time Frames

In a time crunch?  Depending upon the amount of documentation, Dr. Feigenheimer is able to review quickly and produce a sound, industry standards based report. As a professor, he is able to convey intricate theories to students of every age.  As a consultant, he remains up to date on this ever changing industry.  As an Expert Witness for the hospitality industry he has brought together his skill sets of outstanding communication, superior education and decades of industry knowledge to be a true restaurant expert witness.


Every case is different, so there are no standard FAQS.  Please call me and let's chat about your case.  561.212.0206.