Corporate Issue

Corporate Issue Concerns Landlord/Tenant, Exclusivity Issues,  Rent/CAM issues,  Benefit of the Bargain, Leasing issues…


Restaurant leases are typically complex and involve hard-fought negotiations. An expert witness can help you with your budgeting, finding suitable leasing terms and other standards to start or manage your restaurant business.

Exclusivity Issues

An exclusivity clause is part of a bigger legal document that restricts the signer from buying, selling, or promoting any goods or services from any person or company other than the issuing company associated with the contract.

Rent/CAM issues

Renting a place for a restaurant from a landlord or other hospitality org or mall owners there are many issues related to renting, cost management and other legal issues. An expert witness can help you with these issues easily.

Benefit of the Bargain

Benefit of the bargain rule is a principle that any party who breaches a contract must pay the aggrieved party an amount that puts that person in the same financial position that would have resulted if the contract had been fully performed

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