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Dr. Feigenheimer has successfully served as an expert witness in liability, employee relations, landlord-tenant agreements, vendor disputes & many other hospitality-related issues. 

Dr. Joel Feigenheimer

Starting as a 15-year-old dishwasher at Denny’s and moving on to management positions with corporate operators such as Houlihan’s and TGI Friday’s to operating Dr. Feigenheimer’s own successful independent restaurant group, Dr. Feigenheimer has worked over 35 years in the restaurant industry.  He has consulted for international restaurant and hotel corporations, theme parks, theater operations and local restaurant operators around the country. In addition, he has spoken to government, industry and corporate organizations from Europe and Asia to North and South America.

As the founder of realEats Consulting, Dr. Feigenheimer’s company offers operational and strategic consulting to hotel and food-service organizations wishing to upgrade their sustainable positions within the industry.  The website, www.realeats.org specializes in highlighting third party certified vendors offering “green” or sustainable food and non-food solutions for the hospitality industry.  This free resource site has served the industry since 2009 and offers thousands of innovative and sustainable product options to operators. 

Presently, he holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration, authoring the dissertation entitled, “Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Genetically Modified Foods by Commercial Food Buyers.”  This ground-breaking study was the first of its kind to analyze the purchase intentions of multi-billion-dollar food buyers in America toward GMO products.  Dr. Feigenheimer’s undergraduate degree was earned at The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, widely recognized as the country’s premier hospitality program. He was chosen to serve as the Lead Restaurant/Food Service Management Professor at The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  As such, he oversees all syllabi pertaining to Restaurant Management and Foodservice coursework.  He has also been honored by his peers to serve as the Assistant Department Chair and holds the Endowed Chair from the National Association of Concessionaires. 

Dr. Feigenheimer also supervises all Restaurant Management and Development courses.  These classes require students to create a business plan which includes elements of concept development, such as; budgeting, site selection, target market, menu engineering and design, product costing and alignment within local market parameters, social media and operations.        

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