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Dr. Feigenheimer has successfully served as an expert witness in liability, employee relations, landlord-tenant agreements, vendor disputes & many other hospitality-related issues. Hiring an Expert in any field requires identifying the right person with the proper education, training and experience to best help represent your case.


An industry professional with a history of performance, passion and innovation.  A powerful combination of experience, leadership skills and education concentrated in the Hospitality arena.  Proven successes with corporate operations, small independents and as an entrepreneur.


Liability for accidents caused by customers who became intoxicated inside the establishment.

Guest Safety

Dram Shop/Liquor Liability, Responsible Liquor, Service/Training, Safe Harbor Defense, Equipment…

Employee Safety

Slip/Trip/Fall, Sexual Harassment, Workman’s Comp, Wage/benefit disputes, Standard Training…

Corporate Issue

Landlord/Tenant, Exclusivity Issues, Rent/CAM issues, Benefit of the Bargain, Leasing issues

Vendor Contract Issues

Pricing, Quality, Safety and Assessment on Contract Papers…

Dr. Joel Feigenheimer

Dr. Joel Feigenheimer has worked over 35 years in the restaurant industry. He has consulted for international restaurant and hotel corporations, theme parks, theater operations and local restaurant operators around the country. In addition, he has spoken to government, industry and corporate organizations from Europe and Asia to North and South America.   

As the founder of realEats Consulting, his company offers operational and strategic consulting to hotel and food-service organizations wishing to upgrade their sustainable positions within the industry. The website, specializes in highlighting third party certified vendors offering “green” or sustainable food and non-food solutions for the hospitality industry. This free resource site has served the industry since 2009 and offers thousands of innovative and sustainable product options to operators.

Lead Restaurant/Food Service Management Professor at The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. As such, he oversees all syllabi pertaining to Restaurant Management and Food-service coursework.

Dr. Joel Feigenheimer also supervises all Restaurant Management and Development courses.  These classes require students to create a business plan which includes elements of concept development, such as; budgeting, site selection, target market, menu engineering and design, product costing and alignment within local market parameters, social media and operations.


What does it cost me for the initial consultation of my business?

It costs you nothing. It is absolutely FREE.

If I request the FREE consultation, is there any obligation on my part?

There is no obligation from your part. It is a plain and simple process.

What are your fees if I go with you?

Every project is different and has its own circumstances. We cannot provide you a quote or an estimate unless we know your exact needs and requirements. The first step is to contact us for your FREE analysis and discussion. We have a budget for everyone.

What kind of consulting do you conduct?

Onsite consulting, telephone coaching, hourly and long-term projects.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in chatting with us, feel free to contact us to schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation and getting to know each other discussion. Only if we both decide we want to work together and are a good fit, we will craft a simple agreement with a detailed estimate in writing that spells out the terms, conditions, and particulars of this project so both parties know exactly what to expect

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